Welcome. As the incoming Society President for 2007-2008, I would like to welcome you to this first issue of the Newsletter for 2007. As we all know, magnetics continues to be a booming and exciting field. While it is hard to pick one new development out of many for mention, the recently reported use of the effective field associated with circularly polarized short laser pulses to switch magnetic bits on a femtosecond time scale is very exciting to me personally. One never knows what similar new development is just over the horizon. This Newsletter is the first issue prepared by our new co-editors, Albrecht Jander and Pallavi Dhagat, both of Oregon State University. I am especially excited to see Albrecht and Pallavi join our Publications operation and our team of Society volunteers. See their short article of introduction (made after some arm twisting) later in the newsletter. I would also like to thank the retiring Newsletter editor, Martha Pardavi-Horvath, for her energetic and dedicated work on the Newsletter for many years. Finally, let me say that my view of the President’s position is that I am here to serve you. Feel free to contact me at any time ( patton@lamar.colostate.edu) with any ideas (or concerns) for the continued betterment of the Society and the enhancement of its services to the membership.

New Officers . As the new year begins, one of the big changes for me is in “ascending” (I think that is the proper word) to the office of President of the Society. I have found out very quickly, perhaps much too quickly, all of the things the IEEE expects of the President, and all of the little details that need “hands on” attention to keep the affairs of the Society running smoothly. I would like to thank my predecessor, Kevin O’Grady of the University of York, for all of his work as president over the past two years. I would also like to thank Randy Victora of the University of Minnesota for his willingness to assume the duties of Vice President, and Takao Suzuki of the Toyota Technological Institute in Nagoya for “stepping up to the plate” as the new Secretary-Treasurer. Randy’s title will change from Vice President to President Elect as soon as the new revised Constitution and Bylaws are in place (see below). Randy is already at work making notes on all the things we forgot for the next round of Magnetics Society Bylaw changes, and Takao is busy checking budgets and approving expenditure requests.

New Committee Chairs . I would also like to welcome and thank the team of standing committee chairs, three new and seven continuing, for the current 2007-2008 term. Under the newly revised Constitution and Bylaws (pending IEEE approval), Bob McMichael of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will join the Administrative Committee (AdCom) as new Chapters Chair and Richard Dee of Sun Microsystems will move from his previous position as Chapters and Membership Chair to Membership Chair. Doug Lavers of the University of Toronto is continuing as Chair of the Conference Executive Committee. J. W. Harrell is continuing as Education Committee Chair. Liesl Folks of Hitachi Global Storage (HGST) has taken over as Finance Committee Chair from Laura Henderson Lewis, now of Northeastern University. Bruce Gurney, also of HGST, is continuing as Chair of the new Honors and Awards Committee, renamed from Awards Committee. Our past Past President Ron Indeck (2003-2004) of Washington University will be taking over from Phil Wigen of The Ohio State University as the new Nominations Committee Chair. Ron Goldfarb of NIST is continuing as Publications Chair. Can Korman of the George Washington University is continuing as Publicity Committee Chair. Subject to AdCom approval, Axel Hoffmann of Argonne National Laboratory will be taking over the Technical Committee from Mel Gomez of the University of Maryland. I would also like to extend the deep appreciation of the entire AdCom and the Society to Phil, Laura, and Mel for their energetic service to the Society for a number of years. Without the hard work of these dedicated committee chairs and their committee members, as well as the entire AdCom, the vitality of the Society would not be what it is today.

New and Departing AdCom Faces . Space does not permit the listing of the full roster of elected AdCom members. Their names can be found on the Society Web site. These are the people who form the core decision making body of the Society. I would like to sincerely thank the previous AdCom members who have stood down after exemplary terms of service to the Society, Taek-Dong Lee of the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Yoshimasa Miura of Shinshu University, and Kamel Ounadjela. I would also like to recognize the new AdCom members for the 2007-2009 term. The new members are Ching Ray Chang of the National Taiwan University and Bob Fontana of HGST. Ching Ray has been especially active with the Taiwan chapter and is joining the AdCom for the first time. Bob was Society President for 2001-2002. His vast experience in Society affairs and with the IEEE is especially welcome as he returns to the AdCom. Two additional new members, Michael Coey of Trinity College, Dublin, and Usha Varshney of the National Science Foundation (USA), advance to AdCom membership from the Fall 2006 Ballot as replacement elected members for Liesl Folks and Takao Suzuki. We are grateful to Michael and Usha for their willingness to serve the Society in this important capacity.

Continuing AdCom Members. Roy Chantrell of The University of York, our Distinguished Lecturer Coordinator has been on the AdCom as an ex-officio member and is returning for 2007-2009 as an elected member. Bernard Dieney of SPINTEC, Rysuke Hasegawa of Metglas, Inc., David Jiles of Cardiff University, Jan-Ulrich Thiele of HGST, and Shoogo Ueno of Kyushu University are continuing members for the 2007-2009 term.

Executive Director Diane Melton Reappointed. Our long time Executive Director, Diane Melton of Courtesy Associates, has been reappointed for the 2007-2008 term and the contract with IEEE is in place. As many of you know, Diane has been working behind the scenes of the Society AdCom as well as the Intermag Conference for many years. In large part, she functions as our collective memory, as a sounding board, and as a coordinator of almost all of the member services that you receive. The revised Bylaws currently under review and pending approval at IEEE, now includes for the first time ever an extensive section that defines the job function and duties of the Executive Director. But Diane’s services to and in support of the Society go well beyond any such formal statement of work. Thanks, Diane, from all of us.

New Life For Magnetics Society Involvement in the IEEE Councils on Nanotechnology, Sensors, and Superconductivity. Some of you know, but many of you do not, that the Society supports three of the IEEE Councils, Nanotechnology, Sensors, and Superconductivity. One of my aims as President is, with your help, to examine ways to invigorate our Council involvement and establish the Magnetics Society as a meaningful presence and voice on these bodies. For Nanotechnology, Bob Fontana and Randy Rannow of Hewlett Packard have agreed to continue as our representatives. For Sensors, Alan Edelstein of the Army Research Laboratory has agreed to serve as our representative. For the Superconductivity Council, Ron Goldfarb has agreed to continue as one of our representatives and Al Zeller of Michigan State University will be joining as our second representative. I would like to thank Bob, Randy, and Ron, Alan, and Al for their past, continuing, and future work on these councils, and welcome them to the fold of Magnetics Society volunteers. As our involvement in these important councils accelerates, you will be hearing more about their activities from our representatives.

Volunteers Make It Happen. I am taking the space in the Newsletter to introduce these individuals to you, the membership, so you can be aware of some of the volunteers who are doing the real work of the Society. There are many more. Each committee chair is backed up by a committee, and in some cases additional subcommittees, of volunteers. Some of these units are small and some are substantial. Shortly, you will be able to peruse the entire roster of volunteers on the Society Web site. You are all encouraged to review this roster, contact any of the people you know (or contact me) and find out how YOU can also become involved in YOUR society.

Photo Gallery. I have also included a photo gallery of current officers and committee chairs. If you pass these people in the corridors at Intermag or other conferences, please take the time to say “hello.” Even better, if you have an interest, say “hello” and offer to help in some way with their operations. It is our dedicated volunteers who give our society its unique position in the IEEE as a medium size but extremely active and productive Society. There is a lot of work involved to put us in this position, and more member involvement is always welcome.

Best Wishes,

Carl Patton

IEEE Magnetics Magnetics Society President

Current Officers and Committee Chairs

Randy Victora
Vice President

Takao Suzuki

Diane Melton
Executive Director

Richard Dee

Liesl Folks

Axel Hoffmann
Technical Committee Chair

Bruce Gurney
Honors and Awards

J.W. Harell

Can Korman

Doug Lavers

Bob McMichael

Ron Indeck