Text Box:    Ed Della Torre  Division IV Director  Our Own Ed Della Torre is Division IV Director. Ed Della Torre of George Washington University in Washington DC was recently elected as Division IV Director for 2007-2008. In case you did not know, the Societies and Councils are divided into divisions. Division IV is comprised of the Antennas and Propagation Society, the Broadcast Technology Society, the Consumer Electronics Society, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Society, the Magnetics Society, the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, the Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, and the Superconductivity Council. Many of you know Ed from his work on many aspects of magnetism for many years, as well as his time on AdCom and as an officer of the Society. Ed was President of the Society in 1999-2000.

Society-Wide AdCom Elections. At its recent meeting in Baltimore, the AdCom approved a revised Constitution and accompanying Bylaws that, among other things, will move the Society to a process in which the election of new AdCom members is done through a vote of the entire membership. In the late spring, all members should receive a request from the Nominations Committee for the nomination of candidates to be considered for the ballot. Any member can also be placed on the ballot by petition. Once the candidates for the eight open seats on the AdCom for the upcoming three year term are determined, the ballot will be sent out in mid-August with a 15 September deadline for the return of the ballots. The logistics of the election, likely through an e-mail or Web-based ballot managed through the offices of the IEEE, are under development. Stay tuned for the next issue and further details from the Nominations Committee Chair, Ron Indeck. This move to a Society-wide election of the AdCom has been in the discussion and planning stages for some time. This major change in our operational procedures will better involve the full membership in the affairs of the Society. MAKE SURE TO VOTE. IEEE statistics indicate that on the order of 15 - 20% of the membership in a society generally vote in such elections. Hopefully, we can show the IEEE (and ourselves) that we are a much more proactive membership.

New Honors and Awards Fellows Nominations Subcommittee to Identify Potential Nominees for IEEE Fellow Grade and Promote Member Advancements to Senior Member Grade. Bruce Gurney, Awards Committee (soon to be renamed as the Honors and Awards Committee) Chair is working to establish a new and important subcommittee dedicated to two tasks. The first is the identification of qualified members of the IEEE and the Magnetics Society at the Senior Grade level that should be considered for nomination as IEEE Fellows. The second is to encourage and promote qualified regular members to seek advancement to Senior Grade. Membership at the Senior Grade is a requirement for nomination to Fellow Grade. Even apart from the formation of this subcommittee, if you are an established Society member with ten or more years of professional experience, you should probably seek advancement to Senior Grade. Who knows? Someone may want to nominate you for Fellow Grade, and you will be ready! The official IEEE statement on Senior Grade is “... a candidate shall be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive or originator in IEEE-designated fields. The candidate shall have been in professional practice for at least ten years and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least five of those years." The official IEEE link is:


Society Membership Breaks 3000! As of January 2007, IEEE data show membership in the Magnetics Society to now be 3343. This is the first time the membership has gone above the 3000 mark since 2000. There are about 1500 US based members and 1550 non US members. Our Society is truly international. Thanks to the efforts of Richard Dee and many other volunteers, membership desks at recent conferences have netted a sizeable number of new student as well as regular members. In 1996, the Society membership peaked at slightly over 3500 members. Let us continue the current upward trend of new members and international expansion to serve the needs of the magnetics community. Please help! You, the “member on the street,” are our best messenger.

Conference Registration Subsidy to Society Members at the Madrid Intermag. The next Intermag Conference will be held in Madrid, Spain, 4 - 8 May, 2008. This promises to be an exciting venue for our Intermag meeting that occurs outside of North America every three years. At its Baltimore meeting, the AdCom also approved a proposal to use Society funds to provide a substantial member subsidy to reduce the Madrid Intermag registration fee for regular members, affiliates, and student members of the Society. Further details will be forthcoming.

Education Committee Contemplates the Organization of Summer Schools. The members of the Education Committee are in the very early discussion stage of exploring options for possible future small meetings in the form of “Summer Schools” in the European tradition. These schools would be funded in whole or in part by the Society. Such schools could occur in North America or other locations world wide, according to interest and demand. These schools would be aimed mainly at the level of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, with a program of invited lectures by experts in selected topics. The Education Committee Chair, J. W. Harrell, would welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions.

Society Annual Meeting. It is important to remind all members that, starting with the Intermag Conference in Nagoya in 2005, the Society has been holding an Annual Meeting, generally at the Intermag Conference. At this meeting, the general membership is encouraged to attend, meet the officers and members of the AdCom who are present, and ask questions, voice opinions, and generally give needed feedback for the further vitality and benefit of the Society. About 50 members attended the most recent Annual Meeting in Baltimore. We hope to see the attendance and participation grow as the word spreads about this unique annual gathering of Society members each year.