IEEE Annual Election

Listed below are the positions and candidates that will appear on the 2006 IEEE Annual Election ballot.

Position Candidate
IEEE President-Elect, 2007
  • Lewis Terman (Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)
  • John Vig (Nominated by IEEE Board of Directors)
Division I Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007
Division III Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007
  • Roberto Saracco (Nominated by Division III)
  • Curtis A. Siller, Jr. (Nominated by Division III)
  • William H. Tranter (Nominated by Division III)
Division V Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007
  • Deborah M. Cooper (Nominated by Division V)
  • Stephen L. Diamond (Nominated by Division V)
Division VII Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007
  • James M. Howard (Nominated by Division VII)
  • H. Peter Lips (Nominated by Division VII)
  • John D. McDonald (Nominated by Division VII)
Division IX Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007
Region 2 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007-2008
Region 4 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007-2008
Region 6 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007-2008
Region 10 Delegate-Elect/Director-Elect, 2007-2008
  • Y.W. Liu (Nominated by Region 10)
  • R. Muralidharan (Nominated by Region 10)
  • Yong Jin Park (Nominated by Region 10)
Standards Association Board of Governors Member-at-Large, 2007-2008
Standards Association Board of Governors Member-at-Large, 2007-2008
  • Dennis B. Brophy (Nominated by Standards Association)
  • Paul Nikolich (Nominated by Standards Association)
Technical Activities Vice President-Elect, 2007
IEEE-USA President-Elect, 2007
IEEE-USA Member-at-Large, 2007-2008

Petition Candidates
There are no petition candidates for any elective position in the 2006 IEEE Annual Election

Senior Membership

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Requirements for elevation to IEEE Senior Member

IEEE Bylaw I-105.3 sets forth the criteria for elevation to Senior Member Grade, as follows:

"… a candidate shall be an engineer, scientist, educator, technical executive or originator
in IEEE-designated fields. The candidate shall have been in professional practice for at
least ten years and shall have shown significant performance over a period of at least
five of those years."

There is no cost to convert to a Senior Member. "Senior" refers to professional experience, not age, and you do not need to be a "senior citizen" to be a Senior Member.

For full information visit the IEEE Senior Member Web pages

The INSTITUTE online

The most current version of The Institute can always be found at http://www.ieee.org/theinstitute

Here's your report on news around the IEEE, from the editors of The Institute.

  1. Home as the Hub of Health Care
  2. New Library Focuses on Energy and Power
  3. Marketplace of Ideas: Regulating Nanotechnology
  4. Register for 14 July Retirement Planning Seminar
  5. Career Forum Archives Highlight What Engineers Must Know
  6. 3-D Scanner Wins Designer 2006 IEEE Presidents' Scholarship
  7. Nominations Sought for Non-IEEE Awards
  8. Discounted Registration Fee for Embedded Systems Conference
  9. Experts Discuss Vulnerability of Large Software Projects
  10. . Robots on Mars: Special Issue of IEEE Robotics & Automation

1. Home as the Hub of Health Care

Many in government and society are banking on driving down the cost of health care with portable medical monitoring devices for the home and electronic medical records for the hospital and doctor's office. Much headway has been made on the hardware and software, but many policy issues remain. How to keep medical information from unauthorized eyes, who will pay for converting paper records to electronic files, and standards for the devices and the record-keeping systems themselves are just a few of the issues. Read on at

2. New Library Focuses on Energy and Power

A new online research service, the IEEE Power & Energy Library, can save you time when it comes to searching for articles dealing with power and energy. That's because you no longer have to sift through all 1.3 million articles in the IEEE Xplore digital library's collection of journals, magazines, transactions, and conference proceedings to get to the nearly 100,000 documents on those topics. Find out more at http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3350/00667584

3. Marketplace of Ideas: Regulating Nanotechnology

Consumer and environmental groups are petitioning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for further study of sunscreens and cosmetics containing nanoparticles -- particles smaller than 100 nanometers. Animal studies have shown that such ingredients in some sunscreens and moisturizing cosmetics can penetrate the skin, migrate through the body, and cause biochemical damage. Currently these products require less testing than over-the-counter or prescription medications. Do you think skin-care products containing nanoparticles are safe, or do they require further study? Weigh in at institute@ieee.org

5. Career Forum Archives Highlight What Engineers Must Know

What skills and abilities must the engineer of the future possess? How have degree programs changed in response to changes in the profession? How do you get money from venture capitalists? A panel of educators tackled these and other topics at IEEE Spectrum's second Career Accelerator Forum, held in April. Although the event is over, an archived version is available through 11 July from the "Webcasts" link on the IEEE Spectrum Online site at http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3353/00667584

7. Nominations Sought for Non-IEEE Awards

IEEE members are eligible for prestigious awards besides those sponsored by the IEEE. These include the Hoover Medal, the Alfred Nobel Prize, the Sperry Award, and the Washington Award. The IEEE Awards Board encourages you to nominate and endorse members for these awards. Learn more at http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3356/00667584

9. Experts Discuss Vulnerability of Large Software Projects

The FBI's Virtual Case File, a US $170 million computer program aimed at providing agents with a system for accessing criminal and terrorism data, failed miserably. Find out why by listening to IEEE Spectrum Online's "The FBI's Software Debacle," a roundtable discussion among software experts on what went wrong and what's needed to ensure that large software projects progress smoothly at http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3358/00667584

10. Robots on Mars: Special Issue of IEEE Robotics & Automation

The June issue of IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine (Vol. 13, no. 2) features nine articles on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission and its vehicles, Spirit and Opportunity, which landed on the Red Planet in early 2004. The issue, edited by Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu of the NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory, contains such articles as "Mars Exploration Rover Mobility Development" and "Working the Martian Night Shift." The table of contents and abstracts for all papers are available through the IEEE Xplore digital library, where subscribers to Xplore may access the full text of the issue: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3359/00667584

IEEE-USA Today's Engineer

Here's your monthly report from IEEE-USA on building careers and shaping public policy, from the editors of IEEE-USA Today's Engineer. The current version of Today's Engineer Online can always be found at: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3436/119897


  1. IEEE-USA President's Message Talk, and Action, on Innovation
  2. Today's Engineer Online: Working on the $100 Laptop
  3. IEEE-USA's Services for Unemployed Members -- How are We Doing?
  4. IEEE Webinar Event: Ready, Set, Retire!
  5. New Engineering Careers Brochure Unveiled for 11-13-Year-Old Students, Children's Museums
  6. GAO Finds H-1B Visa Program Undercuts U.S. Workers
  7. 360 Training, L&K International Division Offers IEEE Members a 10% Discount
  8. IEEE-USA In the News: IEEE-USA President Argues Against Raising H-1B Cap in

1) IEEE-USA President's Message: Talk, and Action, on Innovation

Competing successfully in this new global environment is essential for our national and economic security and to ensure that the United States is able tocreate high-value jobs and maintain a vital national engineering capability. No one questions the seminal role that innovation plays in attaining this edge, yet somehow our innovation process has become mired in a confluence of factors. In his July column, IEEE-USA President Ralph Wyndrum discusses the innovation challenge and IEEE-USA's role.
Read on at: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3437/119897

2) IEEE-USA Today's Engineer Online: Working on the $100 Laptop

Mary Lou Jepsen's humanitarian mission to develop and mass produce a $100 laptop to be used by the world's children is nearing fruition. The ambitious project's CTO describes how a 10-minute interview with MIT Media Labs' Nicholas Negroponte for a faculty position turned into a three-hour discussion about the need for a low-cost computer and the sort of organization that could make it happen. Jepsen shares a progress report on the organization and the computer that promises to transform education around the globe.
Read this article and others at: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3438/119897

3) IEEE-USA's Services for Unemployed Members -- How are We Doing?

The IEEE offers a number of resources to aid U.S. IEEE members during periods of unemployment or involuntary career transition, including job listings, insurance, reduced membership dues, quick-response workshops, consultants networks and fee surveys, online legislative action center, local Section and PACE Network presentations, the IEEE-USA Salary Service and more. IEEE-USA needs your help evaluating its career resources for unemployed U.S. IEEE members. If you are or have recently been unemployed: (1) Were you aware of the the aforementioned resources; (2) Did you make use of them (if yes, which ones); and (3) How was your experience? Please send your candid responses to ieeeusa@ieee.org. All comments will be kept confidential.

4) IEEE Webinar Event: Ready, Set, Retire!

The IEEE Financial Advantage Program, in partnership with Grogan Advisory Services, is offering a retirement strategies webinar on Friday, 14 July 2006. The free webinar will address critical retirement planning issues, including: how to avoid common IRA mistakes; in-service distributions; early retirement options; legacy planning; and tax-efficient income streams. Space is limited to the first 200 registrants.
For more information, view the webinar flyer at: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3439/119897
To register, fill out the online registration form at: URL to come

5) New Engineering Careers Brochure Unveiled for 11-13-Year-Old Students, Children's Museums

IEEE-USA has unveiled a new six-panel engineering careers brochure that is designed for 11-13-year-old, sixth-to eighth-grade U.S. students. Titled "My Science, My Math, My Engineering! How Am I Ever Going to Use This Stuff in the Real World?," the brochure: (1) lists courses youngsters should take to get ready for engineering; (2) shows how they can figure out "if engineering is interesting"; and (3) asks "what could *you* do if you were an engineer?" In one of the brochure panels, James Michener, the novelist and short story writer, is quoted: "Scientists dream about doing great things, engineers do them."
For more information, visit: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3441/119897
To view a PDF online of the brochure, visit: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3442/119897

6) GAO Finds H-1B Visa Program Undercuts U.S. Workers

According to IEEE-USA, a new General Accountability Office (GAO) report affirms what independent observers and the government already know: the H-1B program has little oversight, and statutory changes are necessary to ensure the program serves the national interest. Read more at: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3443/119897

IEEE-USA In the News:

IEEE-USA President Argues Against Raising H-1B Cap in Magazine Op-Ed Arguing against raising the H-1B visa cap in Optimize magazine, IEEE-USA President Dr. Ralph Wyndrum said Congress should pass legislation that protects U.S. technology workers from displacement by foreign professionals, [and] ensures market wages and other workplace protections for H-1B holders.

Wyndrum cites numerous government reports that have found major flaws in the H-1B program, and research by the San Jose Mercury News. The newspaper concluded, the program gives U.S. citizens virtually no protection from being replaced by a foreign worker," and employers are not required to prove American workers were not available for those jobs."

Stuart Anderson, executive director of the National Foundation for American Policy, argues for raising the annual H-1B quota in the dueling op-eds. See

IEEE-USA was also cited in a recent H-1B article by the Los Angeles Times. In addition, IEEE-USA Vice President Ron Hira spoke about L-1B Visa abuses in HR Magazine. See L.A. Times: http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3446/119897.

For more IEEE-USA in the News items, go to http://bmsmail3.ieee.org:80/u/3448/119897.