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Chapter Chair Meeting

There was a chapter chair meeting held during the Anaheim Joint MMM-Intermag Conference in January. Present were chapter chairs or reps from Pittsburgh, Japan, UK, Romania, Denver, St. Louis (Mag. Soc. President Ron Indeck), Santa Clara, and Korea, and some good points were raised about running a chapter.

Topics raised included:

Most felt the meeting very useful and suggested another be held during the next MMM conference in Jacksonville in November.

* * * *

If you are the local chapter chair reading this, please share with us all what's happening in your chapter and local area (e.g. talks, people activity, magnetics news, company or university news etc.). Forward a paragraph (or two), a picture, a reference to an interesting article or something inventive or newsworthy to me at so we can include in the next MagSoc NEWSLETTER.

Dr. Richard H. Dee
Magnetics Society Chapters Chair

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