2003 IEEE Annual Elections

Did you vote?

Selecting officers for the top-level leadership positions in the IEEE begins 15 March when the candidate slates are submitted to the IEEE Board of Directors. The Board then announces its list of nominees for each office on 1 May. These include:

to be elected by voting members for the coming year.

Election Ballots Mailed in September

Annual election ballots for IEEE President-Elect and other officers will be mailed on 1 Sept. 2003 to all eligible voting members whose dues are current. Members, Honorary Members, Senior Members, Fellows, Life Members, Life Fellows, and Life Senior Members are eligible to vote.

To receive a ballot, your membership dues for 2003 must be paid by 31 July. Members whose dues are in arrears as of 1 Aug. 2003, regardless of grade, will be ineligible to vote.

Ballots are mailed on or before 1 September and must be returned before 12:00 noon on the first business day following 31 October. While election results are announced by the IEEE Tellers Committee, these results are unofficial until the IEEE Board of Directors accepts the Tellers Committee report at its last meeting of the year.

For more information about the election process see IEEE Bylaw I-308.

You can meet the candidates at http://www.ieee.org/portal/index.jsp?pageID=corp_level1&path=corporate/elections&file=candidates.xml&xsl=generic.xsl

Your vote counts! By the time you read this information, the election process is over.

Let's wish our newly elected officers a productive and successful term.

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