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New Chapter Formed
A new Magnetics Society Chapter was formed in Seoul, Korea under the leadership of Prof. Young Keun Kim (Korea University). Information on local activities there can be obtained from Prof. Kim at We wish them all the best for contributing to an active magnetics community in Korea.

UKRI Chapter
Professor Mike Gibbs was elected as the new Chair. Mike is Professor of Functional Magnetic Materials in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Sheffield, UK. He is a past Program Chair for INTERMAG (1990), and is a current member of the Technical Committee. He can be contacted at

Denver-Rocky Mountain Chapter
Regular meetings have happened this last year in co-operation with the Colorado Center for Information Storage (CCIS) at the University of Colorado in Boulder. We even get free pizza from KnowledgeTek (Thanks! Magneticians like pizza!). Thanks go out to the local chair Dave Pappas ( and the CCIS rep. Amahl Scheppach.

Meetings held so far this year:
January 23 Dennis Speliotis, "Advanced Magnetic Metrology for Data Storage".
March 20 Richard Dee StorageTek, "TeraByte Tape".
April 15 Jordan Katine, Hitachi, "Nanoscale Processing for Thin Film Recording Heads".
May 22 Mike Miller, NRL, "Magneto-electronic based biosensors".
May 8 Thomas Howell, San Jose State, ""Design of advanced signal processing systems"**.
June 17 YangQuan Chen, Utah State, "The joy of controlling High TPI hard disk drives".
August 28 John Chapman, Univ. Glasgow, "Wall Watching"**.
September 24 Ken Marr, FBI, "Forensic analysis of magnetic media".
** Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer.

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Romania Chapter
Magnetics is alive and well in Romania. Local chairman Professor Alexandru Stancu runs the chapter and organizes events.

One recent event was a workshop on Amorphous and Nanostructured Magnetic Materials held at "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Iasi, ROMANIA on Tuesday, 16th of September.

Chair: Professor Alexandru Stancu

"The IEEE Magnetics Society Chapter of the Romania Section (IEEE MSC-RS) was formed in 2002. This meeting is organized by the IEEE MSC-RS with the occasion of the 2nd International Workshop on Amorphous and Nanostructured Magnetic Materials, at "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University.

"Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, the first modern Romanian university, was founded in 1860 in Iasi, the old capital of Moldavia, one of the most prestigious cultural centers of the country. It has now more than 30,000 students and is recognized as one of the top Romanian universities.

This meeting is dedicated to a selection of four invited talks presented by young Romanian scientists (from Romania or abroad) in the field of magnetism."


Bogdan Valcu, and H. Neal Bertram


"Soft underlayer magnetization dynamics" - invited talk

Nicoleta Lupu1,2, Laurenţiu Stoleriu3, Dorin Cimpoesu3, Alexandru Stancu3, and Horia Chiriac2

1 Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

2 National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics, Iasi, Romania

3 "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Faculty of Physics, Iasi, Romania

"Microstructures and Magnetization Processes in Nd-Fe-Al Glassy Alloys" - invited talk

Beatrice Negulescu1,2, Luc Thomas2, Marcel Guyot2 , and Constantin Papusoi1

1 "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Faculty of Physics, Iasi, Romania

2 Laboratoire de Magnetisme et d'Optique, Univ. Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Versailles, France

"Properties of exchange coupled NiO / NiFe2O4 bilayers " - invited talk


Melania Marinescu, and Horia Chiriac

National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics, Iasi, Romania

"Magnetic relaxation in nanocrystalline Nd-Fe-B ribbons" - invited talk

Visit the Romanian Chapter's website at

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Chapter Chair Meeting
There is going to be a chapter chair meeting at the Joint MMM/Intermag Conference in Anaheim in January 2004. The time and date is currently set at 5pm on Tuesday January 6th, 2004 (room to be announced). All chapter chairs (or chapter representatives) are encouraged to attend to discuss chapter issues at large. The meeting should last no longer than an hour.

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If you are the local chapter chair reading this, please share with us all what's happening in your chapter and local area (e.g. talks, people activity, magnetics news, company or university news etc.). Forward a paragraph (or two), a picture, a reference to an interesting article or something inventive or newsworthy to me at so we can include in the next MagSoc NEWSLETTER.

Dr. Richard H. Dee
Magnetics Society Chapters Chair

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