IEEE Magnetics Society Technical Committee

If you look at the inside of the front cover of the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, you find a lot of information about the Magnetic Society. Among others, there is also a "Technical Committee", and you may have wondered what the Technical Committee is and what it is doing.

The Technical Committee is a group of experts in their respective fields which has an advisory function to the Magnetic Society. The members of the Technical Committee have volunteered to provide service to the Magnetics Society, such as helping with the review process of the Transactions of Magnetics and serving as Program Committee members of IEEE sponsored conferences on magnetism. Finally, not least the Technical Committee members answer general technical questions which are posed to the Magnetics Society. In the past, these questions were answered individually, but it is planned to provide an FAQ section in the Magnetics Society web page so that the questions and answers are accessible to all interested parties.

In the last years, the Technical Committee had 10 - 15 members. Currently there are 20 members and it there are plans to expand the Committee to 20 - 40 active members. The areas of expertise are chosen to reflect the main topics which are currently discussed in the field of applied magnetism. Depending on the current level of activity, an area of expertise can be represented by more than one member of the Committee.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact:

Hans Jurgen Richter
Technical Committee of the IEEE Magnetics Society

Seagate Recording Media
47010 Kato Road
Fremont, CA, 94538, USA
phone 510 - 353 4988

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