Magnetics Society Publication news

Members who would like to volunteer their services as technical reviewers may create an account on Manuscript Central, First check if you already have an account. If you do, you may "edit your information."

Society members with ideas for new books may contact:
                      John T. Scott,
                      Magnetics Society Book Publishing Liaison

For Classic Re-Issues, the contact is
                      Stan Charap

For new books in data storage, the contact is
                      Gordon F. Hughes

For new books in other areas, the contact is
                      John T. Scott

provides free abstract/citation records for guests and
enhanced linking to complete abstract/citation records for IEEE members and subscribers,
as well as:

  • Title history for related journals and magazines
  • Ask *IEEE link for referenced articles not in IEEE Xplore
  • Google to index IEEE abstracts, enabling searches to locate IEEE content directly from a Google web search
  • Thomson ISI now includes links from their Web of Science products directly to articles in IEEE Xplore(R).
In addition, through IEEE Xplore 2.0, subscribers to the IEEE Member Digital Library can now sort information in their personal file cabinets by publication name, primary author and original filing date. </li>

For more information on this release, visit:

All papers published in IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS are available at IEEE Xplore.

Ron Goldfarb
Publications Chair