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A special poster session dedicated to MRAM at IEDM 2017
Dec 4, 2017 - Dec 6, 2017


 Spintronics event at IEDM 2017 sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society:

A special poster session dedicated to MRAM

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With the rising interest of the microelectronics industry for STT-MRAM and spintronics in general, it is very important to strengthen the links between the IEEE Magnetics Society and the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS). The purpose is to contribute to reducing the cultural gap which still exists between the magnetism and microelectronics communities and thereby ease the penetration of magnetism based technology into the microelectronics industry. IEDM (International Electron Devices Meeting) is the main annual conference of the EDS Society. After discussion with the IEDM organizers, it was agreed to organize for the second time a special poster session during IEDM 2017 (San Francisco, 4-6 December 2017) which will be entirely dedicated to MRAM (MRAM materials/phenomena/ technology/testing, hybrid CMOS/MTJ technology and circuits, spin-logic). A similar MRAM poster session took place at IEDM 2016 and was quite successful with 33 posters presented and very active cross-disciplinary discussions. This session will be technically organized by the IEEEE Magnetics Society and will be embedded in the IEDM 2017 conference. It will appear as a special memory session in the IEDM program. This event will be a great opportunity for spintronics students, researchers and engineers to meet colleagues from microelectronics community. We strongly encourage teams from magnetism community working on MRAM to send attendees to IEDM and present posters related to MRAM, spintronics circuits or spin logic during this special posters session. The posters will be selected by a small international program committee formed by members of the IEEE Magnetics Society. There will be no publications associated with these posters in the Proceedings of IEDM. Of course, any presenting author can also submit regular digests for oral presentations following the usual procedure of IEDM organization (see The session will also be used to advertise our Society and our main conferences: INTERMAG and MMM, within the microelectronics community.

If you want to present a poster during the MRAM poster session at IEDM2017, send a half page abstract to before 16 September 2017. In the list of authors, underline who will be the presenting author. The notice of acceptance/rejection will be sent in the beginning of October. Participants in this poster session will have to register at IEDM as regular attendees.


Bernard DIENY and Bruce TERRIS