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This edition includes a message from the President, Celebrating the success of MMM 2022, Meet an AdCom member, and the 2023 Awards & Fellows

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Left to Right Dr. Julie Grollier; Mark Kief; Dr. Claire Donnelly; Prof. Burkard Hillebrands

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From the President

I spent the spring of 2022 in prayer for peace, because of the war in Ukraine. Many Society volunteers have been thinking seriously about what we can do for Ukraine, within IEEE policy. In this column, my comments will focus on this topic. Our first visible action was to express our willingness to help Ukraine. On March 17, 2022, the IEEE Magnetics Society published a message on the Society website, which reads: "The IEEE Magnetics Society supports the global pursuit of peace. It will begin humanitarian efforts to provide support to displaced colleagues from Ukraine. Please return to this webpage for details in the near future."

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