Chapters Corner

Chapter Chair Meeting in San Diego

There will be a meeting of chapter chairs at the upcoming INTERMAG Conference in San Diego. We’ll let you know what happens in the next newsletter issue.

News from the Romanian Chapter (ROMSC)

From: Alexandru Stancu

The Romanian chapter has increased significantly the number of members (it practically doubled this year!). In the next period they plan to activate other centers in the country to make that sustainable.

The Student Branch is active to and they have already initiatives which are supported as much as possible. New members this year and were helped with a discount fee. It is felt that a student with some experience in IEEE will try to maintain this status as a member in his future scientific life.

They have already developed a web page http://stoner.phys.uaic.ro/IEEE_student/?cat=1. where you can find pictures from their meeting before Christmas and their planned activities.

The main scientific event of the Chapter this year will be the Joint MmdE and IEEE ROMSC Conference which will be held in Bucharest between 15th and 17th of June. It is already the third edition of the IEEE ROMSC conference!

News from the Pittsburgh Chapter

From: Gangping Ju

Last year, Pittsburgh saw all three Distinguished Lectures and all three of them are kind enough to give two talks, one at Seagate and one at CMU. They were well attended.

For this year, I have contacted all three lecturers, and we’ve managed to schedule Mason William's talk for April 27-28th, and yet to schedule the talk with Prof. Indeck. Besides all the DLs, we plan to have 1-2 extra seminars, details yet to be determined.

We have also focused a bit energy in recruiting the new members, and I have convinced a few (2-4) colleagues to join.

Submitted by

Dr. Richard H. Dee

Magnetics Society Chapters and Membership Chair