IEEE Press rises again!

The last couple of years have been stirring times for IEEE Press, the Institute’s book-publishing program. After several years of disappointing financial results, a partnership contract signed with John Wiley and Sons and put into effect in 2001 improved the situation somewhat, but not enough to eliminate annual deficits. As a result the Publication Services and Products Board, following a careful study, voted in June 2004 to recommend closing the Press down when the Wiley contract expired in February 2005. Later that month the Board of Directors examined the PSPB recommendation and eventually tabled the motion, thereby suspending any action upon it while not endorsing long-term continuation of Press either.

During 2005 much effort was devoted at Press to improve its future prospects. A renegotiated contract with Wiley, staff restructuring and newly integrated electronic delivery options via Xplore are all likely to improve the financial situation. The PSPB has therefore approved a three-year plan for Press to continue operations and show that it can meet or exceed stated goals for its activities in that time.

Need for new book proposals

A result of the uncertainties of these last few years has been a dwindling of new book ideas entering the pipeline of books under development. At a recent meeting of the IEEE Press Editorial Board and Society Liaisons it became clear that a particularly strong push toward signing up new authors and developing ideas for new book series would be necessary to refill that pipeline and get Press back on track. The Magnetics Society would like to urge its members to consider authorship with the IEEE Press/Wiley for a number of reasons:

Any Society member who feels qualified and willing to either write a book or work as an Editor of a book series (a task that also generates royalties) is urged to contact either of the Society Liaisons at the addresses given below.


The Society has sponsored several books currently for sale through Wiley, and another is due out later this year. Remember that, as an IEEE member, you are eligible for a 15% discount on all IEEE Press books. Make your purchases via www.wiley.com, and quote the promotion code 18493 to claim your discount.

Just published, about two months ago, is

Magnetic Actuators and Sensors by John S. Brauer (see book review)
2006, 306 pages. ISBN 0-471-73169-2
List price $120; IEEE members’ price $102

Due out later this year will be a new edition of

Introduction to Magnetic Materials by B. D. Cullity, revised by C. D. Graham.

Earlier Society-sponsored publications include:

Kanu G. Ashar, Magnetic Disk Drive Technology
1997, 368 pages. ISBN 0-7803-1083-7.
List $115, members $97.75

Richard Bozorth, Ferromagnetism (reissue of the 1951 original publication)
1993, 992 pages. ISBN 0-7803-1032-2
List $120, members $102

Eric D. Daniel, C. Dennis Mee, and Mark H. Clark, (editors)
Magnetic Recording: The First 100 Years
1999, 360 pages. ISBN 0–7803-4709-9
List $83.95, members $71.36

Edward Della Torre, Magnetic Hysteresis
1999, 240 pages. ISBN 0.7803-6041-9
List $81.95, members $69.66

Richard J. Gambino, Takao Suzuki, Magneto-Optical Recording Materials
2000, 464 pages. ISBN 0-7803-1009-8
List $148, members $125.80

Allan H. Morrish, The Physical Principles of Magnetism (reissue of the 1965 original)
2001, 704 pages. ISBN 0-7803-6029-X

List $115, members $97.75

Further information on all these books can be found at: http://shop.ieee.org/store/

Place orders at http://www.wiley.com

For general enquiries and assistance, contact
John T. Scott,
Magnetics Society Book Publishing Liaison,

For new books on data storage, the contact is
Gordon F. Hughes,