Form for the IEEE Magnetics Society AdCom Nominations

Nomination deadline: 23 July 2021

To be eligible to serve on the IEEE Magnetics Society Administrative Committee (AdCom), the nominee must be an IEEE Magnetics Society member of higher or Affiliate grade. (Student and associate members are ineligible.) At least twelve candidates will be selected for the ballot for the eight AdCom positions open for election each year. The nominations committee is responsible for drawing the slate of candidates and strives to ensure that the slate is well-balanced in representing the Society's member demographics and interests.

Per Society bylaws, individuals selected for the ballot should have demonstrated service to the Society either as previous or current elected or ex-officio members of the AdCom, members of Society committees, or individuals who have made other significant contributions to the Magnetics Society or to the magnetics community. Nominee membership will be verified prior to consideration for the ballot.

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