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IEEE Magnetics Society Magnetism in Ukraine Initiative

To assist in the support and recovery of science and technology in Ukraine
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Magnetics Society Magnetism in Ukraine Initiative

  • The Magnetics Society has created an initiative to assist in the support and recovery of science and technology in Ukraine, with the goal to promote Ukrainian R&D and professional community in Magnetics.
  • Input from IEEE Magnetics Society members from Ukraine was used to identify the greatest scientific needs. Of the 168 people identified in the magnetics area, 93% are still in Ukraine.  This initiative will therefore focus on magnetics researchers working in Ukraine.
  • This goal will be accomplished by providing small grants to support research, development and professional growth for members of the Magnetics Society and others working in Magnetics, with a preference for grants that will impact small groups of researchers and connect it to the global community, and projects that advance technology for the benefit of humanity.
  • The IEEE Magnetics Society is working with a respected partner, the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU, to help manage the proposal collection, evaluation, subcontracting, reporting, and financial accounting. For more information, see the STCU website or contact (Click to show email).
  • Individual grants up to $2k and group grants up to $10k will be made for worthy projects. Grants may be used for travel, meeting expenses, experiment consumables and small equipment.

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The Ukrainian magnetics community is particularly strong in magnetization dynamics and microwave technologies. The IEEE Magnetics Society has sponsored the annual Nanomaterials: Applications and Properties (NAP) Conference in Ukraine for over 5 years.

The Magnetics Society grant to support magnetics research in Ukraine is consistent with IEEE’s politically neutral status, as expressed in this statement by Bruno Meyer, IEEE Vice President for Technical Activities, 17 March 2022:

“IEEE is a global organization. Through IEEE we bring together technologists from across the world - supporting collaboration and sharing across national boundaries, ideologies and politics. IEEE brings together individuals with a common interest in advancing technology for the benefit of humanity - helping to build an international community of technologists regardless of nationality, encouraging friendship and peaceful cooperation, exchanging ideas, and demonstrating the ability of technologists to work together for the greater global public good.

“This is a high ideal, and our apolitical, neutral stance allows us to engage with our members in every part of the world, in democracies, monarchies and dictatorships, in nations undergoing civil conflict, and in nations in conflict. IEEE does not suspend our commitment to a global scientific community based on the behavior of nations - instead, we aspire to strengthen relationships among an international technical community to nurture peaceful coexistence and collaboration - building relations among individuals that help foster a peaceful world.IEEE’s relationship is with our members, not their countries, their employers, or institutions.”