Educational Seed Funding Application Form

We are now soliciting applications for up to $10k USD in educational seed funding aimed at promoting independent, inter-institution collaborative research projects conceived and conducted by magnetics students and postdocs. Acceptable use of funds includes travel, scientific hardware, software, and research materials (e.g. targets for film growth). Please aim to form collaborations that are complementary, for example "cookers & lookers" (sample growth experts paired with advanced characterization experts), experimentalists & theorists or computational magneticians, etc. Funding will be distributed based on the quality of short research proposals. The MagSoc Education Committee will perform the evaluation, which will be based primarily on the novelty, impact, and plausibility of the proposed research. Consideration will be given to diversity of sub-discipline, geography, and gender. Additionally, preference will be given to submissions from institutions in developing regions.

Research Proposal Instructions

Proposals must be written in 11-point font, and include the following sections, in order, combined into a single .pdf file.
  • Summary (max 1 page): Briefly summarize the goal of the research in 2-3 sentences, the specific roles of the collaborators (2-3 sentences), and total dollar amount requested for each collaborating institution.
  • Research Plan (max 2 pages): Include motivation, a description of proposed research, relevant expertise of applicants, a timeline of tasks, and a description of how purchased items will be utilized. Appropriate references should appear in this section. Figures are acceptable.
  • Expenditure Plan (max 1 page): State total funding amounts requested  for each specific institution (less than $10 k for the collaboration in total), and then break that request down in terms of individual purchases at specific institutions. Please note that not all collaborators are required to accept funds, i.e. it is acceptable for one institution to accept all funds and redistribute, or for collaborators to participate without funding. Describe exactly how funds will be accepted at each collaborating institution. Include explicit institutional contact information for funds transfer from IEEE.
  • Institutional Funds Transfer Letter (max 1 page): A letter from a representative at your institution stating that they will accept funds transfer for research purposes on your behalf. The representative cannot be your advisor. This is not strictly required but is STRONGLY encouraged.

Please note that fund transfers from IEEE to the awardees' institutions must occur before December 1, 2020, and it is the responsibility of the applicants to identify an acceptance mechanism through their particular institution. If awarded funds are not transferred from IEEE to awardee's institution before December 1, 2020, those funds will be forfeited. Funds will not be transferred to an individual's personal bank account. The IEEE Magnetics Society is not responsible for resolving inter-institutional issues on fund management or property ownership. It is the responsibility of the applicants and their institutions to manage the funds as agreed upon in the proposal.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current graduate student or postdoc studying magnetics
  • Member of the IEEE Magnetic Society (joining to apply is acceptable)
  • Collaboration must include multiple institutions

Awardee Obligations

  • Scientific and financial progress reports due to the Chair of the Education Committee at 6 months and at 1 year from date of award
  • Awardees must prepare a poster or talk for presentation at the 2021 Intermag or / and the 2022 Joint MMM-Intermag


Questions related to this opportunity may be addressed to Education Committee Chair (

Please fill out the form below to apply.

Proposal Information

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