About Women in Magnetics

The IEEE Magnetics Society Women in Magnetism group seeks to provide women in the field of magnetics with career advice and professional development opportunities by hosting networking and educational events throughout the year. Please join our mailing list to receive updates on events, job announcements, and women in the field.

Our Activities

Our star conference hosted the traditional Women in Magnetism event in its last edition, Intermag 2023, Sendai (Japan). Once again, this activity was received with enthusiasm by many women and some men who gathered to network, share problems and solutions, seek advice or inspiration, and chat about everything divine and human. In short, getting to know each other and helping each other more and better.

In this edition, the novelty was the thematic tables where participants met to discuss Leadership, Mentorship, Life after Ph.D., Life in Industry or Academy, and others.

We had fruitful conversations and made great connections.

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Women in Magnetism Committee Members

Women in Magnetism Committee Members