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IEEE Access is an open access, all-electronic, archival journal, presenting the results of original research and developments across all IEEE’s fields of interest. While IEEE Access scope is multidisciplinary, the IEEE Magnetics Society Section focuses on theory and applications of magnetism, magnetic materials, and magnetic devices.


In response to its commitment to provide options to support the needs of all authors, the IEEE Magnetics Society has introduced a new section devoted to magnetics within IEEE Access. The section is fully open and compliant with all funder mandates.

We invite you to submit your articles to the IEEE Magnetics Society Section and obtain expert peer review by specialists in magnetics.

This is an opportunity to benefit from the high visibility of IEEE Access. Your work will be exposed to 5 million unique monthly users of the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

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Increase the impact of your work by sharing your code and data for others to view, build upon, and reuse. IEEE works with Code Ocean, a cloud-based computational reproducibility platform, to make your code discoverable. IEEE DataPort, an online data repository of datasets and data analysis tools, makes your datasets discoverable. Visit the IEEE Author Center for more information.