Students in Magnetism


Established in 2022 by the Magnetics Society, Students in Magnetism (SiM) unites magnetism graduate students through activities and events while supporting magnetics-related education.

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The Magnetics Society organises multiple activities for students of the magnetics community. One of which includes the flagship Around-the-Clock Around-the-Globe Magnetics Conference (AtC-AtG). This unique virtual conference, initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic, bridges cultures and time zones, fostering collaboration on a global scale. It provides a dynamic platform for participants to present their work, engage in discussions, and attend workshops. With growing participation from students to experts, the conference cultivates a vibrant magnetics community, nurturing talent, and empowering emerging scholars. By transcending physical barriers, the AtC-AtG Magnetics Conference has since taken on the role as an indispensable annual event for young researchers in magnetism to connect. 

Students in Magnetism (SiM) will focus on the following activities:

  • Organising regular graduate student events such as the flagship Virtual Coffee Hours 
  • Organising of in-person student-centric networking events at Magnetics Society conferences including INTERMAG and MMM
  • Coordination of students-led projects to be funded by the Magnetics Society (in collaboration with the Education Committee and Summer School organisers)
  • Organising of annual outreach events - the MagnetiSiM series
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Hang out and have fun with us at our regular Virtual Coffee Hours! Interact and bond with your fellow students in magnetism through games and specially curated activities!
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Delve into the captivating world of Hall sensors! Building upon the success of last year's exploration of phone magnetometers, this year's event takes us on an exhilarating journey through the realm of Hall senso
2022 marks the 300th anniversary since the measurement of daily magnetic declination by George Graham, and the 190th anniversary of Gauss’ measurement. Learn and measure the Earth’s magnetic field with your mobile phones!

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