Students in Magnetism


Students in Magnetism (SiM) was established in 2022 in order to support educational activities related to magnetics-related studies.

The Magnetics Society is organizing multiple activities for students of the magnetics community. The flagship event is a new conference, the Around-the-Clock Around-the-Globe Magnetics Conference (AtC-AtG), which was initiated in early 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to provide an alternative to the canceled summer school. This conference is organized by PhD students and early career researchers under the supervision of senior Magnetics Society members. AtC-AtG is a virtual one-day conference that runs for 24 hours non-stop to include all regions around the globe. The conference attracts over 190 abstract submissions and 700 registered participants.

Students in Magnetism will focus on the following activities:

  1. Annual support of the organization of the AtC-AtG virtual conference.
  2. Organization of online outreach events and jointly with a local chapter. Planned outreach event for 2022: This year marks the 300th anniversary since the measurement of daily magnetic declination by George Graham (and the 190th anniversary of Gauss' measurement). This is an ideal chance for us to promote the recent development of magnetic sensors to a general audience.
  3. Coordination of students-led projects to be funded by the Society (in collaboration with the Education Committee and Summer School organizers).