Book Publishing at the IEEE

IEEE Press serves as the premier technical book publishing unit of the IEEE. Since 2001, IEEE Press has been publishing books in partnership with John Wiley & Sons (Wiley), an established and respected publisher in electrical engineering. The key focus of the Wiley-IEEE Press imprint is to publish high quality books and reference works for the engineering and computer science communities. Written by leading experts in the field, the books are authoritative, cutting-edge and cover in-demand topics. 

Benefits for IEEE Members

IEEE Press offers several special benefits for IEEE members, such as a 35% discount on book purchases and access to over 370 eBooks through IEEE Xplore free of charge as part of the eBook Classics program. For more information on both discount programs, visit our IEEE Member Benefits page. 

Society Liaison Program

IEEE Press offers a society liaison program for societies that are interested in encouraging authorship of books relevant to the society’s field of interest. The program is facilitated through liaisons who are appointed by the IEEE societies and who work with society members, the IEEE Press Editorial Board, and IEEE and Wiley staff to help develop and promote the book program.

Society members who are interested in writing a book with IEEE Press are encouraged to reach out to their society liaison to learn more about the publication process and the program.

Society Liaison

Benefits of Writing a Book with Wiley-IEEE Press

There are many reasons to write a book. It can help you give back to your profession by filling a gap in the market. A book can establish you as a thought leader and bring recognition to your institution, while also making learning easy and interesting for others.

The best time to consider writing a book is when you know the subject well and there is a demand for a book on the topic due to a lack of good coverage, or outdated coverage.

By publishing with Wiley-IEEE Press authors gain many benefits. The Wiley-IEEE Press brand is universally recognized by customers, authors, readers, librarians, and IEEE members. The Wiley-IEEE Press team follows a strict review process resulting in high-quality publications. The brand offers visibility and wide distribution with books available in multiple formats, through IEEE Xplore, Wiley Online Library, Amazon,, as well as other online retail outlets. There is support throughout the writing and publishing process along with marketing support and competitive royalties. For more information visit the Wiley-IEEE Press author page.