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S.N. (Prem) Piramanayagam

Nanyang Technological University
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Region 10 (Asia and Pacific)

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S. N. (Prem) Piramanayagam got the Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Kerala, India, in 1988 and the Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India, in 1994. He carried out further research at Shinshu University, Japan (1995-1999) and worked in the Data Storage Institute (DSI), Singapore (A*STAR). He is currently an Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. He has 30 years of experience in magnetism, with research topics including amorphous magnetic alloys, permanent magnetic materials, and thin films and nanostructures for recording and spintronics applications. His current interest lies in the interdisciplinary areas of magnetism, electronics, and nanotechnology.

Prem has received an award for teaching excellence from NTU Singapore and several awards for outstanding research from DSI Singapore. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and has been an active volunteer in the IEEE Magnetics Society, including chair of Technical Committee, elected member of the Administrative Committee, chair of the Singapore Chapter, and co-chair of the 2018 Intermag Conference in Singapore. He has published about 200 journal articles and has filed several patent applications. He serves as an editor of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics and as editor-in-chief of Nano (World Scientific). He co-edited the book, Developments in Data Storage: Materials Perspective (Wiley-IEEE Press, 2011).

IEEE Magnetics Society Position History:
  • Present   Editor, Transactions on Magnetics (IEEE Transactions on Magnetics Editorial Committee)
  • Present   Singapore (Chapters Committee Roster)
  • Present   Editor, Transactions on Magnetics (Publications Committee Roster)
  • Present   IEEE Press Liaison (Publications Committee Roster)
  • 2021-2023   Elected Members (Voting) (Elected Members (Voting))
  • Recognitions:
  • 2024-2024 Distinguished Lecturer
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