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The Magnetic Society of Japan is an advanced society that covers a wide range of fields, from the basic theory of magnetism to the cutting edge of magnetic engineering.

Here, researchers in science and engineering in industry, academia, and government cooperate and integrate with each other to actively engage in academic activities. It is the mission of our society to build tomorrow's magnetic science and return the results to the world.

The predecessor of this society, the Japan Society for Applied Magnetics, was established in 1977 with the 137th Committee of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science as the parent body. Since then, under the keyword "magnetic", researchers from different fields such as physics, electricity, electronics, chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry have gathered and opened in both fields of science and engineering. It is a unique academic society that has united and enlivened the academic society by discussing, exchanging information, promoting joint research, and jointly engaging in the management of the academic society. The contents to be discussed at this conference are "Magnetic recording", "Hard / soft magnetic materials", "Magnetic physics", "Thin film / fine particles / multilayer film / artificial lattice", "Spin electronics", "Measurement / high frequency device", "Power Magnetics", "Biomagnetic / Medical Applications", ranging from basic fields to applications, and has played a leading role in Japan's magnetic industry and academic research for over 35 years since the establishment of the Society. I have come. In addition, we are positioned as a representative of the magnetism-related academic societies on the Japanese side in alliances with international magnetism-related academic societies.

In view of the expansion of the academic and industrial fields of magnetism and its position as a representative academic society of magnetism in Japan, we aim to develop as an academic society that includes a wider range of research fields related to magnetism than ever before. The name of "Japan Society for Applied Magnetics" has been changed to "Japan Society for Magnetics" from October 1, 2007. In the future, we will endeavor to function as a place for discussion and information exchange in a comprehensive and free atmosphere in the ever-expanding academic and industrial fields related to magnetism.

The Magnetic Society of Japan is for those who are expecting a stronger "response" to their research results, and for young people who have just started research and development in this field, immediately after entering the business in this field, or under planning. It is an academic society that we can confidently recommend to Japanese companies.

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