Invited Paper Policy

IEEE Magnetics Society


Society Policy On Selection Of Invited Papers At Sponsored Conferences

November 10, 2004

The selection of Invited Papers is a sensitive issue. Accordingly, the following policy is to be implemented at all Programme Committee meetings associated with conferences that receive financial sponsorship from the IEEE Magnetics Society:

  1. The Conference General Chairperson or the Programme Committee Chairperson(s) shall not be permitted to present or to co-author Invited Papers at the conference.
  2. Nominations for Invited Papers will be sought from as wide a cross-section of the community as possible.
  3. An anonymous ballot of the Programme Committee will be conducted on the nominations.
  4. Following the selection of an Invited Paper no additional names of members of the Programme Committee nor any nominator of the Invited Paper may be added to either the author list on the presentation nor to any subsequent publication.
  5. At the Programme Committee meeting papers bearing the names of Programme Committee members may not be upgraded to invited status.
  6. Where an approved nomination for an Invited Paper contains the name of a Programme Committee member the Programme Committee Chairperson(s) and the Conference General Chairperson must explicitly approve the selection and presentation of the Invited Paper.

J.D. Lavers,
Chairman, Magnetics Society Conference Executive Committee