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Welcome to the 2023 Around-the-Clock Around-the-Globe Magnetics Conference (AtC-AtG), which will be held online on the 27th of September 2023. AtC-AtG is a 24-hour non-stop virtual conference with speakers from all over the world passing the baton to each other, with exciting contributed talks from students and post-doctoral researchers, and intriguing invited talks by emerging and senior scientists. Join, interact, and network at any time – for free.

​The scope of the conference is to bring together early-stage researchers through a series of oral and poster presentations, coupled with networking opportunities and exciting competitions, providing an international platform to facilitate interaction and discussion of recent progress and trends in the field of magnetism, ranging from fundamental to applied aspects.

​The Conference started in 2020 to promote interactions between the younger members of the global magnetism community and has proved to be a huge success. Following that, the 2022 AtC-AtG edition joined together more than 500 scientists, with 50 contributed talks and 65 posters from 25 countries, showcasing both research excellence and diversity.

Whether you are a senior scientist or a student, join us for the exciting new 2023 edition!

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