Magnetic Frontiers 2024

Magnetics Frontiers: Magnetic Materials and Motors for Green Energy Applications

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TU Darmstadt, Germany
 Lichtenberg Haus, Darmstadt, Germany
Image Credit: Thomas Ott

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Magnets are key enablers for the green energy transition. This IEEE Magnetic Frontiers Conference will focus on recent advances in the development and implementation of high-performance magnetic materials for energy applications. More specifically, topics of permanent magnets, soft magnets and magnetocaloric materials and their applications will be covered.

Both, fundamental material research in academia and developments in industry and in SMEs (transformers, motors, generators, cooling systems, etc.), will be covered; the workshop will also extend to the primary mining of rare earths, resource efficiency and magnet recycling in order to address closing-the-loop approaches and assess life cycle sustainability.

Fundamental aspects of material developments will also include novel computational methods, such as machine learning and data driven accelerated material discovery, novel alloy design approaches, and advanced processing and characterization.

Topics of the conference:

  • From green mining to green motors
  • Hard magnetic materials and applications
  • Soft magnetic materials and applications
  • Magnetocaloric materials and applications
  • Accelerated material discovery
  • Advanced processing and characterization

The participants´ number will be restricted to a maximum of 100 in order to provide an intense but always relaxed and enjoyable workshop atmosphere with plenty of time for exchange, discussion and networking.

Besides the sessions with plenary and keynote talks by distinguished international experts, we will have 3 poster sessions to trigger vivid exchange between all participants. Poster presenters will have the opportunity to introduce their works in flash talks. In addition, we will have a panel discussion and ´meet-the-experts´ sessions, where some experts will answer questions and engage with especially younger researchers.

We will also offer social events, such as a welcome reception, conference dinner, and excursions, e.g., to nearby UNESCO world heritage sites Grube Messel and Mathildenhöhe, State vineyards of Monastery Eberbach, ESOC (European Space Agency) or Helmholtz GSI (where the element 110Darmstadtium and 5 others have been discovered) and special lunch events.

Program/Technical Chair(s)