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Interaction of ferromagnetic and superconducting permanent magnets - superconducting levitation


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New means of urban transportation and logistics will become realistic with superconducting magnetic bearings using bulk high temperature superconductors. The advantage of super¬con-ducting magnetic levitation is that it works passively stable without any electronic control but with attracting and repelling forces to suspend a vehicle pendant or standing upright from zero to high speed - perfect conditions for the idea of rail-bound individual transport with cabins for 4 - 5 passengers requested call by call. They will levitate noiseless over the track made of RE permanent magnets saving energy and travel time. A big step forward to this vision has been made in Dresden. The world largest research and test facility for transport systems using HTS bulk material in the levitation and guidance system in combination with a permanent magnet track was put into operation. A vehicle for 2 passengers, equipped with linear drive propulsion, non-contact energy supply, second braking system and various test and measurement systems is running on an 80 m long oval driveway. In the presentation the principle of superconducting levitation by flux pinning in high temperature supercon¬ductors will be described. Based on this an overview of the SupraTrans II research facility and future directions of super¬conductivity-based magnetic levitation and bearing for automation technology, transportation and medical treatment under enhanced gravity will be given.