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Magnetic Energy Conversion – Opportunities and Challenges

Portland State University

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To increase the utilization of renewable energy power generation technology and to provide a pathway to creating a truly zero-emission transportation system new magnetic energy conversion and magnetic propulsion technologies are needed. Many new and exciting magnetic energy conversion devices are being developed around the world. This talk will introduce and discuss three different magnetic energy conversion technologies being researched at the Laboratory for Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Control in Portland, OR. USA. This presentation will first introduce and provide an overview of the technology status of magnetic gearing for use in ocean generators and electric aircraft. The presentation will also discuss the potential benefits of using variable stiffness magnetic springs in resonance power generator applications. Lastly, a review of maglev vehicle technology will be presented and new research on the use of electrodynamic wheels for high-speed transportation will be discussed.

Online talk:
Wednesday, June 15th at 9 pm Pacific Standard Time
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